February 2017
Written by Andy Kale   
Friday, 10 February 2017

Here are the fantastic images shared with us from February! Thanks go to T and D Tanner, Luke Rodios, James Parry, David Baxter, and John Andersen.

Thanks to the following twitter users for sharing your tweets: and Images By Stan (@ImagesByStan).



Theresa Tanner sent these atmospheric photos taken on Februrary 1, near Halkirk.





John Andersen sent these stunning photographs taken on Feb 1 and Feb 3, near Keoma and Airdrie.






David Baxter sent these fantastic shots taken on Nov 24, 2016 (first two) and Feb 17 2017.





James Parry sent this stunning picture taken on Feb 17 near Winfield.



D and T Tanner sent these fantastic photos taken on Feb 17 near Alix.






Luke Rodios sent this fantastic photograph taken on Feb 17 near Banff.



Twitter user Images By Stan (@ImagesByStan) shared the following on 2017-02-03. Click the image for the original tweet.


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