Summertime show!
Written by Andy Kale   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Exciting times! We're on the eve of a pretty cool CME event and to whet your appetite for a potential display, here are some simply spectacular images shared over the last couple of months! Thanks go to david Baxter, Zoltan Kenwell, Mike Isaak, Mary Ann Janzen, Patrick Monaghan, Adam Taylor, Theresa Tanner, William Lefort, Sean Trostem, Tracy Holland, Lee Nordbye, Hugo Sanchez, Christy Turner, Rob Westhouse, Marko Woite, Stan Cholak and Claudia and PJ Potgieser.



David Baxter captured these great photos on June 8th. He captured these with a Lumix G2 at ISO 1000 with a 14mm f/3.5 with 8s exp. The photos were taken near Sibbald Flats West of Calgary.




Zoltan Kenwell shared this great timelapse taken on June 8th.



Mike Isaak captured this terrific shot complete with a meteor putting in an appearance on August 2nd.



Theresa Tanner took these great photos on August 6 around 11:30, north east of Stettler.




Mary Ann Janzen captured these great pictures on August 26 and 27.









Zoltan Kenwell took these moooving images while he was joined by the locals on August 27.





William Lefort managed to capture this fleeting image from Canmore on August 27 around 00:30.



Patrick Monaghan shared these images from Leelanau State Park, MI.




Theresa Tanner captured these great images on August 27, near Stettler and Alix between 00:00 and 04:00.




Adam Taylor took these stunning photos on August 28.





Sean Trostem captured these great shots on August 28th.




Tracy Holland took this awesome image on August 28th in Fort McMurray.



Lee Nordbye took these brilliant photos on August 28th at Vincent Lake.




Hugo Sanchez captured this atmospheric shot on August 28th in the Namao area.



Theresa Tanner captured these great photos on August 28th, near Alix just after midnight.




Christy Turner took these great images between August 28th and 31st.





Rob Westhouse took this great compilation on August 29th, west of Saskatoon.



Marko Woite took these great pictures on 31 August, east of Edmonton.




Stan Cholak captured this great shot on Sepember 1st around 02:00 near Andrew.



Theresa Tanner took these great photos north of Stettler on September 7th just before midnight.





Claudia and PJ Potgieser, the 'crazy Dutch aurora chasers' were in Fairbanks, AK, and captured these great shots from the Parks Highway on September 11th.




Theresa Tanner was out on Sepember 11th, and captured these great images around 22:00.




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