October 8 and 9!
Friday, 11 October 2013

A CME was released from the sun and hit the Earth treating some to a dazzling show of the Northern Lights. Those lucky people carrying cameras have shared some stunning images - thanks go to Mike Isaak, Thu Blackwell, Bonnie Herschmiller, Ryan Ranido, David Smith, Theresa Tanner, PJ and Claudia Potgieser-Holleman and Mary Ann Janzen.



Mike Isaak shared these great images of the Aurora over Edmonton, AB. You can read more about how he captured these images in Mike's Blog.




Thu Blackwell hunted down these aurora between Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB to capture these stunning pictures.




Bonnie Herschmiller captured these spectacular images of the Northern Lights over Telford Lake, Leduc, AB.




PJ and Claudia Potgieser-Holleman, visitors from Holland captured this spectacular shot at Lake Medow Provincial Park, SK.



Ryan Ranido shared these great images that he captured between 01:55 and 04:30.





David Smith has shared this great picture taken outside Sherwood Park at around 04:50. You can see more pictures in David's gallery.



Theresa Tanner captured these great shots between midnight and 02:30 near Alix, AB.





Mary Ann Janzen shared these great images she captured around 01:00.





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