Recent (and not so recent) image roundup
Friday, 09 August 2013

Some beautiful photos have been taken recently and shared with AuroraWatch. Big thanks to Matt Gordon, Nic Sharkey, Sarah Miyata, Redawna Kalynchuk, Ray Mckenzie, Noel Keating, Peter Stahl, Darcy Conn and Cam Mckillican.



Matt Gordon took these great images of the display from July 14/15, 2013. He also captured a great timelapse too:
Matt's timelapse (YouTube).




Nic Sharkey sent us a link to his gallery of great shots he acquired on July 14/15 2013. You can find Nic's images here:
Nic's gallery.



Sarah Miyata took these fantastic photos from the event on August 5, 2013.





Redawna Kalynchuk captured these great images of the event on August 5, 2013 near Sexsmith, AB.




Ray Mckenzie shot these wonderful images of the August 5, 2013 event.





Noel Keating sent us these great shots, all the way from Ireland, of the Aurora from the August 5, 2013 event. He also captured a timelapse which can be seen here:
Noel's timelapse (YouTube).




Peter Stahl managed to capture this spectacular image from the August 5, 2013 event. The image was captured at Lake Isle around 01:00.



Darcy Conn shared these stunning images of the Aurora over Pyramid Mountain, in Jasper Nation Park, AB, taken during the August 5, 2013 event.




Cam Mckillican shared his first auroral photo with us! Taken near Mossleigh, AB on May 26, 2012.


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