Spectacular May 17/18 Display!!
Monday, 20 May 2013

Wow! We were treated to a spectacular display over the weekend (May 17/18). Fortunately, the alert came through early enough to entice a profusion of aurora watchers into the warm evening to capture a truly stunning selection of images. Thanks go to Paul Zizka, Peter Stahl, Nikola Pekas, Larry Erlendson, Phuwadet Pasarj, Hanna Walczykowski, Sean Prockter, Dan Jurak, William Vavrek, Bruce Smith, Mathew Stewart, Mike Dufour, Chad Steeves, David Godziuk, Aslinah Safar, Tony Wong, Jeff Wallace, Kevin Sharman, Kevin "Doc" Yovdoshuk, Razvan Ghiteanu, Davin Martinson, Neil Zeller, Sambo Sin, Charlotte Bragg, Curtis Matwishyn and Mary Ann Janzen.



Paul Zizka conducted this stunning display of the aurora during the 17/18 May event!



Peter Stahl captured this stunning shot of the Aurora from his deck around 0100 on 18th May. You can see more images here:
Peter's Gallery



Nikola Pekas managed to capture these great photos near Strathcona Science Park on May 17. Fantastic photos and first attempts!!




Larry Erlendson took these stunning pictures around midnight on May 18, north of Fox Creek.




Phuwadet Pasarj took these fantastic pictures from Elk Island National Park on May 18








Hana Walczykowski sent this wonderful photo taken near Regina, Saskatchewan on May 17.



Sean Prockter shared these great pictures of the May 17/18 display over Jasper.




Dan Jurak took these great photos a few minutes north of Edmonton on May 17/18. This is only Dan's second time photographing aurora.





William Vavrek shared these great shots from Grand Prairie on May 17/18.




Bruce Smith sent these fantastic pictures from the aurora on May 17/18.




Sean Stewart shared this link to a time-lapse he made from the event on May 17/18.



Mike Dufour shared these great images of the May 17/18 event.







Chad Steeves sent in these terrific images from the May 17/18 event, just north of Edmonton. The images were taken between 22:30 and 04:00.






David Godziuk shared these great photos (first attempts!!) from the May 17/18 event. Images were taken close to Rabbit Hill, Edmonton.




Aslinah Safar shared these great images taken on May 17 around 23:16, from Edmonton.





Tony Wong shared this link to his album of events taken on May 17/18.
Tony's Gallery



Jeff Wallace shared these great images taken in Cochrane around midnight on May 18.




Kevin Sharman took these stunning photos from the May 18 event. You can see more of Kevin's images at:
Kevin's Gallery





Kevin "Doc" Yovdoshuk sent in these great images taken during the May 17/18 event, about 12 km west of Innisfail.






Razvan Ghiteanu shared these great images from May 18 around 01:00 near Edmonton (Longhurst Lake).





Davin Martinson shared these great pictures from the May 17/18 event, taken near Rocky Mountain House. You can see images here:




Neil Zeller took these great photos just east of Airdrie on May 17.






Sambo Sin took these wonderful shots of the May 17/18 event. These shots were taken at the Cooking Lkae-Blackfoot dark sky preserve around 02:00.





Charlotte Bragg took these great images outside Cochrane, between 22:00 and 00:00 on May 17.





Curtis Matwishyn sent the fantastic photos of the May 17/18 event. These shots were taken at Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park, SK. To see more of Curtis's images see:
Curtis's Gallery





Mary Ann Janzen took these wonderful photos of the May 17/18 event, near the Rostown area in Saskatchewan.




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